Selected Candidates

The selection committee, formed by Anne Baillot (DARIAH-EU), Rossella Caffo (MICHAEL-CULTURE), Emiliano Degl’Innocenti (DARIAH-IT) and Anna Maria Tammaro (Parma University) selected the following candidates:
Nadya Vladimirova
Carolina Miguel Arroyo
Carmen Sophia Cadendas
Caitlin E. Gura
Bogna Buzialkowska
Kalina Sotirova
Ana Marinković
Irene Popoli
Saghar Maishi
Francesca Capetta
Susanna Alessandrini
Sofia Axonidi
Anikò Mohay
David Scruton
Danielle Carter
Valentina Ginepri
Paola Puglisi
For any question regarding accommodation and logistics please contact:

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