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Rossella Caffo was director of the University library in Cagliari, director of the Modern and Contemporary History library in Rome and the director (2007-2015) of the Central Institute for the Union Catalogue of the Italian Libraries (ICCU) in Rome, an Institute of the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, an Institute managing SBN, the National Library Service, the national union catalogue contributed by over 5.000 libraries; MANUS, the national catalogue of manuscripts held by Italian libraries; EDIT 16, the national catalogue of books printed in the sixteenth century held by Italian libraries.

She was President of the Italian Library Association (1994-1997) and member of the EBLIDA board.

From 2007 to 2016 she was the Italian representative in the Member State Expert’s Group on digitization and digital preservation of the digital cultural content, a group set up by the European Commission in 2007.

She coordinated major national digital cultural projects, for example Internet Culturale, the national portal giving access to the digital library resources and CulturaItalia, the national  portal on cultural heritage, the national aggregator for GLAMs and the main Italian contributor to Europeana.

She was the coordinator of European projects  such as MINERVA, MICHAEL, ATHENA,  DC-net, INDICATE, DCH-RP,  Linked Heritage and ATHENAPlus.

Since 2013 she is President of Michael Culture Association, an international association working in the domain of DCH and representing hundreds of cultural institutions. The Association is partner of DSI1 and DSI2 projects.

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